Plug Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Plugs

Hello, Internet :]

Just thought I’d add some more fantasmic sites you guys should check out. Blogs, YouTube channels and so on and so forth :3

Spinnehthing Entertainment

Rather silly merriment from some good friends of mine. Dan, Will, Scott, Curt and others make videos about black paint deficiency, missing beards and cereal. And reaction videos of pants-crappingly scary games >:D


An old friend from Rotherham Young Writers, Katherine! Poet, and general awesome individual :] we also played hockey together a couple of years ago for our college team :3

A Butterfly, Pausing

Kate, a wonderful performance poet friend, talking about parenting, books and life. She was a slam partner a few months back and together we brought SHU to victory in a Varsity Slam!

Dear Reader

A broseph called Joseph, and his summer blog! What menagerie of adventures will he get up to? What are his thoughts on the world? What hat will he be wearing today?

The Adderson Authorial

Hey, it’s another Uni friend! Adderson reviews games, films and books, writes a tonne of sweet fiction, and was also a part of the SHU Slam Team. He’s never afraid to show his opinions either, which totally rocks!


I laughed my ass off for a good couple of hours at Will’s (the same Will of Spinnehthing fame) let’s play sessions. Highlights include the brick-shitting at F.E.A.R :3

I’m sure these guys will really appreciate a quick clickyclicky!

Incase you missed it, here’s a link to another plug!

I’ve got more links in this post than The Legend of Zelda franchise :3

Smell ‘ya!



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